Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Image was taken by my photographer friend David Ruffles. davidruffles.ie

My name is Anne and I am Nutritional Therapist. I am here to help you on your health journey. I have had type one diabetes for over 50 years. That along with my qualifications gives me great insight into symptoms and ongoing issues related to blood sugar balance and all types of diabetes.

When I reached 50 years with T1 diabetes I decided that maybe I could give hope and inspiration to other people with diabetes or other health conditions. By this time I had developed a keen interest in how food and lifestyle contribute to blood glucose levels and general health. I started this blog as a hobby but it has grown with me as I changed my career from Quality Systems to Health Coaching and then on to Nutritional Therapy, altogether four years of training.

I have completed many health courses over the years and I have seen a big improvement in my Diabetes and my immune system in the past few years due to understanding how the body works and how different aspects of life interact with all the different body systems. I have a keen interest in health research, both for my work and as a public patient representative. It’s important to get the right information and not follow health fads which may cause more problems.

I hope you will enjoy my site and please contact me with any feedback or queries.



Qualified Health Coach (IINH) and a member of UK Health Coaches. https://www.ukhealthcoaches.com/

Qualified Nutritional Therapist and a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.